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Random from DDs I've Featured

Works that I've featured as Daily Deviations, both as a volunteer and deviantART staff.

Wise words.

Home Sweet Home by AquaSixio

DeviantART is a home, a place where I go when looking for familiarity, it's a comfort space, and has provided a solid foundation for my growth as a writer and a person.

A Brief History of Love by JonnyGoodboy

DeviantART holds a large part of my history. Having spent nearly a third of my life on the site, deviantART has seen me through some of the best and worst moments of my life, and has helped me get through practically all of them. 

Creativity by CrisVector

DeviantART is a place I would go when I needed to be inspired, or to see that other people were still creating even when I was lacking for ideas. Whenever I'm in need of inspiration, deviantART is always the place to go.

Family Portrait by Liol

I've met some of my closest friends through deviantART, some of whom I've come to consider family.

books by sainthallow

DeviantART is a place that offered education and resources for things I wasn't learning elsewhere. Because of some of the things I've learned here, I've been published in literary journals, which may not have happened without the experiences I've had.

Feature Friday: Haikyuu!!

Fri Jul 18, 2014, 3:27 PM

Haikyuu!! by Rui05

Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!), a manga and anime series that focuses around volleyball player Shoyo Hinata as he strives to become the best he can, has gained popularity both in and out of Japan since its manga debut in 2012, and more recently due to the anime adaptation that began airing in April 2014.

Deviants around the globe have taken to Hinata and his team, and have made a variety of incredible creations in homage to the series. Check out these deviations!

HAIKYUU - CROWS by Shumijin

Haikyuu!! by kahmurio

Kageyama tobio cosplay Haikyuu! by dat-baka

Haikyuu! by msadagal

Haikyuu - Karasuno by Miyukiko

Haikyuu!! by naoch

Haikyuu!! by SidusRie

Haikyuu!! by MousyM

Haikyuu - Attack! by aco-rea

Haikyuu!! by Rui05

Haikyuu - Hinata Shouyou by Shumijin

King of the Court - HAIKYUU!! by vythefirst

Haikyuu- Tobe! by Gin-Uzumaki

Haikyuu! Karasuno Senpais by AmenoKitarou

Murder of Crows - HAIKYUU!! by vythefirst

+ Haikyuu - Hinata + by SaraFabrizi

Haikyuu - Kageyama Tobio by 4th-reset

Haikyuu - The Guardian Deity : Nishinoya by Shumijin

haikyuu brats by onnos

Skin by Dan Leveille


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