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Wise words.


If you're reading this, go give AyumiSpender a llama badge! Let's get her a ninja llama. :happybounce:
Got any works in progress you'd like to share? I'd love to see them!
A bit of fun for your Tuesday.
Introducing our new Llama Badge levels, now with a 25,000 Runaway Llamas level.

Newllevels by danlev
#llamas #llamabadge #llamadrama #DeviantArtUpdate
I've been jamming to this song lately. What have you been listening to?

I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul last night. That ending was...something.
I've never done one of these before, but it's a fun thing I've seen around on Tumblr plenty of times, so I thought why not do one here on DA?

Basically, here are some people I've been watching for a long time on DA, people who I'll go on watching without question. I'm choosing to highlight a few, because they're super rad, but everyone on the list is super rad, and you should totally watch all of them.

:iconanoya: Anoya 

Nancy is one of the coolest people on the planet, and I know this because I've met her in person! She's very friendly, lively, super cheerful, and a ton of fun to be around. She's also a fabulous photographer, and has been a repeat Community Volunteer here on DA, if that doesn't prove how dedicated she is, then I don't know what will.

Iwan. by Anoya   Libelle. by Anoya  Angry Tiger. by Anoya

:iconartgerm: Artgerm 

What is there to say about Stanley Lau that hasn't already been said by tons of other people? He's a tremendous artist, a really chill guy, and an all-around superstar. I've been a fan of his work for years, and the day I was finally able to buy one of his prints was a great day indeed.

Destiny of the North Star by Artgerm  Deviously Awesome by Artgerm  Samurai Spirit - Vengeance by Artgerm

:iconaunjuli: aunjuli 

I'm a little biased here because Juli has been one of my best friends for years, but there is no one in the world you'll ever meet who is more hardworking or dedicated than Juli is. Her creative mind is always running, and the drive she has to reach goals is unlike any other.

More space by aunjuli  Jellyfish by aunjuli  Enterprise by aunjuli  

:iconexillior: Exillior 

Exi is a creative individual with a very practical mind. There aren't many people I know who can find a way to balance creative artistry with working full time as a doctor, but she manages it and creates with gusto. Not to mention, she's super funny.

Cap Malheureux by Exillior  Henna 19 by Exillior   Letter to a fatherDear Father,
As I sit in a room two continents away, surrounded by clothes and books and pretty things, all bought with money provided by you, five years into a degree funded by you, I type away this letter.
Dear Father, two days ago you laughed when I excitedly showed you a photo of a thirty-five-bedroom castle and said that one day I will buy it, and you told me that at my age you had stopped having those grandiose dreams. Let me tell you a different story. Nineteen years ago, you pulled a drawer out of your wardrobe, to reveal a drawer behind it, and within this drawer was a single item: an old, ornate, large iron key. You told me it was the key to the gates of your Castle in Spain. Only years later did I learn that in French, "castle in Spain" means castle in the air.
Thanks to a man who never stopped dreaming... but who put his dreams aside to help his daughter make hers come true, today, I can dream.
Dear Father, when they ask me if I have a role model, I name you. You may be gru

:iconfelipesmith: FelipeSmith 

Among the many creative ventures that Felipe Smith has taken on, he is the current writer and artist for the All-New Ghost Rider series, a character artist for TMNT, and most importantly he has the coolest set of dreads you'll ever see. I met Felipe at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, and he's the most laidback, friendly guy you'll ever meet. Definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on!

Robbie Reyes: The All-New Ghost Rider by FelipeSmith  All-New Ghost Rider #12 Cover by FelipeSmith  Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return # 1 Cover by FelipeSmith

:iconginkgografix: ginkgografix

Anne is secretly powering the CSS for every Journal Skin on site singlehandedly, I'm convinced of it. :shifty: In all seriousness, though, Anne is a very kind, funny, and hardworking individual who I had the privilege of working alongside back when I was a volunteer. She's pretty much the best.

Green Tree by ginkgografix  Cherry Cupcakes by ginkgografix  Green Deviant by ginkgografix  

:iconleomon32: leomon32

Ronan has been one of my best friends since 2011, and I've had the joy of going on a fair few adventures with him in my life. :D He's a hardworking and super kind guy, and a pretty great artist to boot.

Grow up ! by leomon32  Great Destructor ! by leomon32  Bahn vs Kaiju monster by leomon32

:iconmemnalar: Memnalar

Jay is the most chill guy on the planet, and is a plethora of information of all kinds. If you're looking for a level-headed guy who knows his stuff, Jay is your guy. He's a great writer, a quick-thinker, and a community rockstar.

Trunk LineI watched the secondary pressure dial climb, ever closer to the primary. I kicked the lock away from the lever in the floor, the only one in the cabin unmarred from constant use.
"You sure about this?" I asked her. Hundredth time, easy. "You damned sure?"
She rumbled under me. Four blasts on the whistle, her assent. Firebox glowed as she primed her flames.
Didn't need me anymore.
Cabin door clanged open. Frost blew in like his namesake, slammed the door behind him, wheeled the seals closed. I glanced back at him.
"You're bleeding."
"Took one in the shoulder. Drones can't aim for shit. We're holding them two cars down from the coal, don't know how long we can keep them..."
"Don't need to now."
He looked at me. I looked at the firebox. She was beyond the need for coal. Beyond the need for greasy hands in black gloves on levers, squinted eyes poring over dials.
Primary and secondary matched. It was time.
I reached for the gleaming lever.
Frost yelled something, slammed into me as t
  Air-FueledWinter tore hell through the camp, and Serpentine blew into her palms so she could feel the dice in them. Old Taggert gestured at her with a bottle. She nodded at him as she blew. He poured, held up the glass. A half-rusted drone snatched it, buzzed its way to Serp, and sloshed half the drink on the floor before dropping it in front of her. She grabbed it, made a show of downing it, and kept blowing.
Across the floor, Paydirt sat puffing away on a three-tined pipe that smelled like creosote and dry moss. Around Paydirt sat the Payday Gang, sharpening knives, polishing pistols and looking tougher than Serp knew they were.
"You gonna throw those, doll," Paydirt said around his pipe, "Or you want I should give you something else to blow on?"
She smiled at him. There were a hundred thousand League notes on the table. About a week's haul for Paydirt, but a whole season's runs for Serp. She was good for it, if you counted the Aphrodite.
Her dad's ship before her. Hers now. Aphrodit
   Prima NoctaIt doesn't happen how you think it does.
You're probably strung out, ducked into the wrong alley to hit the pipe. It waited there, watching you, biding time until you were good and fucked before ripping a new hole in your throat. Maybe your thigh if it's in a rush. You spray out all over the wall, all over yourself, all over it. You just see yellow eyes, fucking foot-long tongue lapping you up, and then nothing.
But then, something. Maybe you smell dogshit, old take-out containers, dried-out tampons and whatever else people threw away along with you. You reach up and around, wipe the maggots off your face. You find a door up there, push it open. Daylight. It feels like a blowtorch on your hand, and you smell your skin bubbling away as the  lid falls closed.
No, you didn't smell it. You tasted it. Tasted your skin burning, just like you're tasting this dumpster and the filth you're swimming in.
Maybe you sleep.
Maybe you wake up just in time to hear the truck grab hold of your roac

:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13

Anyone who's met Danie can tell you upfront that she's one of the biggest rockstars on the planet. She's a powerhouse of energy, work ethic, and all around good vibes, and she's basically one of the coolest people around. Not too many people could pull off everything that Danie does and still come out of it all looking as great as Danie does.

Halloween 2014 by Moonbeam13  Bloom by Moonbeam13  Eyeball Pasta with Bone Biscuits by Moonbeam13

:iconthiefoworld: Thiefoworld

If you're looking for the right balance of off-the-wall, cute, friendly, and genuinely funny, then Thiefo is your guy. He's a cheerful and kind-hearted person who's got a great perspective on life and creating art, and he's also shorter than me, which is great. :meow: (He's also one of my favorite people on the planet, so he won't be mad at me for that comment.)

ID Collection 5 by Thiefoworld  Undo my tick hunter of dancing phoenix by Thiefoworld  A selfie 6 years in the making by Thiefoworld  

And now, a really awesome list of really awesome deviants:
(Names in italics are deviants I've met in person!)

Aeirmid :bulletblue: alexandrasalas :bulletblue: Amberlouie :bulletblue: Astralseed :bulletblue: Athos-of-Light 

Atramina :bulletblue: AuroraWienhold :bulletblue: BeccaJS :bulletblue: bended :bulletblue: bradleysays 

burningmonk :bulletblue: captainosaka :bulletblue: chrisnfy85 :bulletblue: crow-god :bulletblue: DanLuVisiArt

DavidBaron :bulletblue: dinmoney :bulletblue: Drunken-Splice :bulletblue: Eldanis :bulletblue: ElectrikPinkPirate 

elicoronel16 :bulletblue: elsevilla :bulletblue: emilygolightly :bulletblue: ethanrevolution :bulletblue: etre-aime 

freestarisis :bulletblue: GrimFace242 :bulletblue: Gwendolyn12 :bulletblue: Hardrockangel :bulletblue: Heidi 

iisjah :bulletblue: Ikue :bulletblue: IngeVandormael :bulletblue: IrrevocableFate :bulletblue: jdrainville 

jimmyelshaman :bulletblue: JNickBlack :bulletblue: JonasDeRo :bulletblue: julietcaesar :bulletblue: Katara-Alchemist 

Kaz-D :bulletblue: KovoWolf :bulletblue: kuschelirmel :bulletblue: limnides :bulletblue: lolitaAgogo 

Lyricanna :bulletblue: LadyLincoln :bulletblue: LaurenKitsune :bulletblue: LiliWrites :bulletblue: Matelandia 

Miguel-Santos :bulletblue: nasakii :bulletblue: neekko :bulletblue: neurotype :bulletblue: ninebark 

noahbradley :bulletblue: Nyx-Valentine :bulletblue: Pixel-Spotlight :bulletblue: pica-ae :bulletblue: pullingcandy 

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SadisticIceCream :bulletblue: SimplySilent :bulletblue: snowmask :bulletblue: SRSmith :bulletblue: SuicideBySafetyPin 

sabin-boykinov :bulletblue: Sabinalibertad :bulletblue: SaiyaGina :bulletblue: SaTaNiA :bulletblue: scrotumnose

StamatisGR :bulletblue: taenaron :bulletblue: taho :bulletblue: The--Kyza :bulletblue: The-Build 

thorns :bulletblue: tiganusi :bulletblue: Topicality :bulletblue: TotemEye :bulletblue: Tradd 

UnicornReality :bulletblue: valstaples :bulletblue: venturus :bulletblue: Vigilo :bulletblue: zebrazebrazebra 

Now how about you?

Who are some of your favorite deviants? You should make a journal like this one and share some deviants that you'll watch forever, then link your journal in the comments here so I can check it out! :la:

Also, be sure to tag your Journal with #WatchForever, so people can check out who you love to watch!


Tue Mar 3, 2015, 12:56 AM

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capsule - Dreamin' Boy

Suggest a DD!

IN11 Hijikata Stamp by Cherryclaw
Imogen Heap Stamp by CottonValent
Kamiji Yusuke Stamp by Mahadesu

Skin by ginkgografix

So I'm currently a portion of the way through editing draft 1 of November's novel, and after stopping to take a glance at the last two pages I'd edited, I realized that I don't normally talk to people about revision in a way that accurately covers how I feel about revision. For starters, here are the last two pages that I edited tonight:

20150303 003822 by wreckling

To me, the revision process is still step 1 of the creation process. You write your first draft, and then you revise your first draft. I don't consider the first draft of my novel done, as it is currently, even though the actual initial writing part is done.

However, I think a lot of people have the wrong impression about revising, too, which is why people tend to avoid it. I like the editing and revision process about as much as I do the initial writing process, mostly because I get to do things like what's in that picture up there. I love making notes for myself on what to change and improve, not to mention cutting out words and phrases to make it an overall cleaner bit of work. 

Revision is an important part of the creation process. Don't skimp on it! Learn to enjoy it and make the most of it, and it'll make creating even more fun than it already can be.

A few questions for you:

What are you currently working on, when it comes to your art?

Initial creation aside, what is your favorite part of your personal creation process?

Take a photo of a current work in progress, or something you're revising, and share it with me!


Artist | Literature
(Thiefoworld made that image up there, you should commission him if you'd like one!)

Hi! My name is Trevor, and I work in the Product Marketing department. If you've got any general site-related things to ask about, fire away! If I can't help you, I'll point you in the direction of someone who can. :]

If you're looking to suggest a Daily Deviation, my guidelines can be found here!


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