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September 6, 2012
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Note: Please make sure you include the Make, the Model, and the Operating System Version of your device if you are reporting a bug. This will make the process of confirming and fixing issues a lot smoother! Thank you DEVlANT
Hello everyone!

One of the most common requests from the community has been to update deviantART's mobile site. By popular demand, we just launched a brand new version of the mobile site to Beta Testers! The site is officially supported in mobile browsers on the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

For a very long time, we've been running two versions of the deviantART website: the desktop version, and the mobile version—and the latter has fallen behind.

As we all know, the previous mobile site was missing a lot of major features. Instead of developing two separate versions of the site—a desktop version and a mobile version—we've formatted the desktop site to fit into a mobile browser. This allows the mobile site to offer many more features than the previous version did, and it also makes for a more smooth user experience. The end result is a seamless mobile site that's a thousand times better than the old one. And it looks a little like this:

New Deviantart Mobile Site  Front Page By Danlev-d by wreckling

What's New

  • You can Browse art, check your Message Center, reply to Notes, browse your friends' Profiles and Galleries, visit the Forums, view today's Daily Deviations and do almost everything else you can on the desktop version of the site!
  • The drop menu usually located in the top left corner of the site can be accessed by tapping on the deviantART logo, allowing users to easily access familiar tools without complication. 
New Deviantart Mobile Site  Navigation By Danlev-d by wreckling

  • You can find wallpapers for your phone using the "Wallpaper" app available in the main menu!
  • The Message Center is all located in one place, which makes responding to comments and browsing art and Journals an easier experience. In addition, for users who like to view their Message Center one section at a time, you can tap on the arrow next to Messages, which will prompt the Message Center's left sidebar to appear and allow you to select one section of the Message Center to view at a time.
New Deviantart Mobile Site  Message Center By Danl by wreckling

Try it out!

The new mobile site has now been released to all beta testers, so you can try it out by simply logging into deviantART on your phone! 

Reporting Problems

We're still polishing up the mobile site. There are some bugs and minor interface issues that we're currently aware of, but we wanted to get Beta Tester feedback as we continue to improve it. If you encounter issues, be sure to report them! Any bugs encountered can be filed in the devBUG Issue Tracker under the Mobile project.

DeviantART is excited to launch a brand new mobile site, and we'd like Beta Testers to give it a try first!
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What is the normal URL that this mobile site would be using later in the future? If it's a downloadable 'APP' for Mobile Computers (Iphone,tablets,android.) I would not say this is a 'Mobile' SITE as it's more as a Mobile 'APP' as your required to download it to use vs using the integrated browser which uses a Mobile Site set (aka a low bandwidth required URL for cellphone users.) vs launching a downloaded 'APP' (iphone,ipad,tablets,android,etc.).

Huge difference in 'Mobile Site' vs 'Mobile App'

App is required to download/use on Computer phones (Iphone/Android based.)
Site isn't requried to download by computer phones and even old gene keyboard phones from 2000 would beable to log onto (or Nintendo DS,DSi,PSvita, 3DS,Wii.), Cause all they'd have to do is type out a Mobile URL and boom it works. (Like your old site used to work as.).

So what is it? App or Site URL you guys are trying to push out?
jdearman5 Mar 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi. Is it possible that I can upload my pictures from my samsung galaxy tab 3 10.1 inch? I tried to and looked on the internet and it only showed me how to upload pictures on my which I dont want and dont see the point of. My computers down and this is the only Internet I haveT-T please your my last resultDX I need your help please!
Hi there! You should be able to submit to deviantART just fine from the Galaxy Tab 3. You'll want to upload your pictures to your, then go to the Submit page and choose "Select file from". From there, you can submit your work to deviantART just fine. Hope that helps! :)
jdearman5 Mar 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Really did thanks:)
Rigm Feb 16, 2014  New member Professional Artist
How come I can't upload from my phone?
Hi there! It depends on the make and model of your phone. If you're using an iPhone with any iOS earlier than iOS 6, uploading is not possible, and if you're using Android prior to 4.0, we don't offer support for it either. If you have a more recent OS than either of these, then you should file a bug report at the Help Desk, and be sure to specify the make and model of your phone in your ticket. :)
JDogindy Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any possible way deviantART mobile can be incorporated onto the Nintendo 3DS?  Because it doesn't have any Flash or JAVAScript programs, it gives up most times, and doesn't even show me new Notes.

I've been using the Mobile site on my Phone and I'm having problems logging in. I log in and I immediately get bounced back to a new log in screen that says, "Form timeout, please try again." I can log in just fine from my desktop so I don't think it's me.

I've had previous problems with iOS6 when it would bounce me back to a log in screen so I would have to log in twice. Now I can't log in at all on my phone.

I have a iphone 4S and I'm running iOS7. I've tried the mobile and regular version on my phone. Both have the same problem.

Hi there! If you're still running into this problem, you'll want to file a bug report at the Help Desk. :)
Yup. I already submitted a bug report. Thanks.
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