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July 11, 2013
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Visual Update to Stacks in

A new design for stacks in has been launched!

The new look is a visual change for stacks that makes it easier to distinguish stacks and individual items. In addition, when hovering over a stack, the stack will gradually change to display its contents without requiring a click!



Removal of the Group Twitter Widget

Because of Twitter's recently updated API, as well as a general lack of use, we have opted to phase out the Group Twitter widget for Super Groups. The regular Twitter widget will continue to work and appear for all Groups, so we encourage any Groups that rely on Twitter as a service to make use of that widget instead.

Addressing Spam Concerns

At deviantART, issues with spam are one of our highest concerns. We put many resources into ensuring that spam on site is addressed and taken care of, and that any concerning comments are handled accordingly.

Recently, a trend of spam comments on Daily Deviations and other areas have been brought to our attention. Rest assured that we've been hard at work, dealing with spam comments that have already taken place, and are working to prevent future occurrences. Members of our Copyright & Etiquette Administration and Devious Technology teams have been working diligently to ensure that these spam concerns have been addressed, and will continue to do so moving forward.

Change Log

  • When editing a Group's Affiliates, drop-down menus in the modal did not open properly when clicked. Fixed by yury-n
  • On the Llama Trade page, long usernames were getting cut off. Fixed by iconocrash
  • The email verification banner would not load at the same time as the rest of the page. Fixed by muteor
  • The top of a deviant's Gallery and Favourites pages were cut off in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Assorted visual issues with the Channels page were fixed. Fixed by iconocrash
  • Some Message Center links did not respond to a mouse's middle click. Fixed by helloandre
  • The Critique modal did not scroll easily on small screens. Fixed by DEVlANT
  • Some deviations without prints were displayed in the "More from this Artist" section of Prints Product pages. Fixed by iconocrash / Submit

  • When selecting a single item from, the short url would be missing from the hover card. Fixed by drommk
  • When opening a item from a direct link, the delete button wouldn't work. Fixed by kouiskas
  • When selecting multiple items in, clicking on "Selected (n)" would incorrectly rename the items to that. Fixed by drommk
  • Deleted items that were linked to in Writer documents could still be accessed. Fixed by drommk
  • Any non-clickable point in can now be used as a starting point for selecting multiple files. Fixed by drommk
  • Clicking an item while holding down a modifier key wouldn't just act on the selection. Fixed by drommk
  • Files that had just been uploaded could not be attached as assets for Premium Content. Fixed by kouiskas
  • Some deviants were seeing deviations that belonged to other deviants in their "successfully scheduled" tabs. Fixed by drommk Writer

  • Trying to drag an item from the sidebar would fail if you started dragging from the highlight surrounding the item. Fixed by kemayo
  • For Beta Testers, closing and then expanding a comment box could make the "Add Media" button unresponsive. Fixed by inazar
  • HTML was not working properly when leaving comments. Fixed by inazar
  • The content in comment boxes would not resize when the window size was changed. Fixed by inazar

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback left on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say:
  • Generally, deviants were pleased with the "Watches You" bubble.
  • In regard to the Discuss topic, most deviants who commented said they were opposed to usernames autocompleting while being typed. We believe this reaction was partly due to a lack of clarity in the Site Update on our part.
    • What we intended to refer to was something similar to what already occurs on the Notes page, when you start to type in the username of a deviant to whom you want to send a Note. Several deviants suggested a menu of that sort, so that you could easily type or select a username from your Watch list.


When collecting Favourites, do you see your Favourites as a collection for yourself, or more of a place to share art you like with others? One of the suggestions we've occasionally received on Site Updates is that some deviants would like a better way to discover what deviants they watch are adding to their Favourites. Do you agree with this suggestion? If so, what way(s) would you like to see it implemented?

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

This week's Site Update includes bug fixes, feedback, and a visual update to stacks in!
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lapedas Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i even can't write journal anymore...:iconokayguyplz: 
what's wrong here..i even tried with my mom's and dad's laptop but still same

i need t update my commission journal n such... :iconimryingsomuchplz:

wreckling Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013   Writer
Hi there! Are you still running into problems?
lapedas Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No... Everything gone smoothly.. :iconlalalaplz:
MysticalWomanRose Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Um, I'm trying to submit a written work using Writer, but error messages keep popping up.
AR-3 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
me too here. :/ still can't upload zip file.
casey9999 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know how to go back and edit my pictures from D.A muro....
sa3er Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Liked the before-design more,
These days most people are converting squares (4:3) to rectangles (16:9 wide), no idea why you moved backward on this one.
suicidal-clouds Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess it's a way to show the deviant who uploaded the piece I faved - "I like your work!" I don't treat it like a collection or something, but yeah, I guess it's also to show other people what I like and what art they should check out. c:
Jaizu-Gx Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
I'm not premium.
Anybody know to create folders on
Erkaz Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Simply just drag and drop artworks onto each other.
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